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Americans throw away more than 146 billion coffee cups every year, says Alex Henige, a senior in the landscape architecture program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. That number may seem low, but with no end in sight to the nation’s coffee addiction, Henige has a plan to take it down even lower—and plant trees in the process.

For his senior project, which Henige has turned into a Kickstarter campaign, he is developing “The World’s First Plantable Coffee Cup,” which turns a beverage container into a seed packet. The plantable coffee cups, made with fibers from local recycling centers, are embedded with an assortment of California native seeds. In his scheme, their first lives as cups would end one of three ways: The cups could be soaked in water for five minutes and planted in the ground; they could be collected in a special container for use at nearby reforestation sites; or they…

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Living Creatively without Fear (part 1)


I get asked pretty frequently about how I can post my work and my process so publicly online – how I can welcome people into my studio to paint along with me, and share all my marketing tips, packaging supply lists, favorite art materials, unique painting techniques… really, I try to share anything and everything I can.

I do this, not to create clones of myself, and not to foolishly expose my work to copycats and thieves. I share because I am passionate & passion is pretty hard to stifle.
I share because for every one scoundrel there are 1,000 artists who are growing, trying new things, and are in desperate need of support.If I can shine atiny ray of hope,encouragement, or clarity into the sometimes-murky creative world, thenthe blessings far outweigh the risks.

The way I see it, living in fear of betrayal also equals alienation.

I am not…

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1156 / The Evoque and the German School / Valencia // Spain

a fresh drawing everyday

This afternoon I started drawing a building I wanted to sketch for a long time: the German School, at Calle Jaime Roig. The building designed in 1959 by Pablo Navarro Alvargonzález, Julio Trullenque, Eberhard Becker and Dieter Weise, is one of my favorites in Valencia. Nevertheless I ended up focusing myself in the nice Range Rover Evoque parked in front of me…


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Mexico : 2010

// Chicago, IL — Moroleón, Gto. // Our last trip to Mexico by car consisted of a beautiful Texas sunrise, a car breakdown, and cleaning & sweeping dirt on dirt.

Image 91 Image 101 Image 125

It’s hard to deal with not going every winter break.. but that just adds to how much more special it is the years that I am able to travel the amazing 2055 miles. How special all the mangoes on sticks, walks through crowded streets, chilly mornings, car songs,  bonfires are..