Living Creatively without Fear (part 1)


I get asked pretty frequently about how I can post my work and my process so publicly online – how I can welcome people into my studio to paint along with me, and share all my marketing tips, packaging supply lists, favorite art materials, unique painting techniques… really, I try to share anything and everything I can.

I do this, not to create clones of myself, and not to foolishly expose my work to copycats and thieves. I share because I am passionate & passion is pretty hard to stifle.
I share because for every one scoundrel there are 1,000 artists who are growing, trying new things, and are in desperate need of support.If I can shine atiny ray of hope,encouragement, or clarity into the sometimes-murky creative world, thenthe blessings far outweigh the risks.

The way I see it, living in fear of betrayal also equals alienation.

I am not…

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